Top 4 Best Bread Toaster Brands in India

Who doesn’t like the fresh, hot buttered toast in breakfast? In 1893, the toaster was invented in Scotland and eventually turned into a perfect staple for every kitchen. Several high-end functions have arrived with fastest innovation, such as browning options, toaster spaces, and programmed control and other elements.

A bread toaster is a fundamental kitchen appliance which allows you to toast different types of bread. Bread slices are inserted vertically in the spaces which heat up as indicated by settings. Once prepared, toast pops out of the spaces. Here are some of the leading brands for bread toaster in India


Philips offer very durable and easy to use bread toaster to have great toast time with loved ones. There are two vast spaces for bread to fit different types of breads. It has different toast settings, defrost option and removable crumb plate. In addition, it features clean cover. These appliances come with 2 years of original manufacturer’s warranty and at price ranges from Rs. 1600 to Rs. 1700.

Maharaja Whiteline

Maharaja Whiteline toasters come with smooth and compact design so they can easily match with your kitchen décor. They have stylish layout and design that don’t consume much space. In addition, it also saves power as they need only 750W of energy. It is also easy to clean these toasters and they have electronic control for ample security. You can buy these toasters at very affordable price ranging from Rs. 900 to Rs. 1000.

Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards pop up toaster comes with different functions to rediscover the perks of enjoying toasts in breakfast. It features well composed and has beautiful plastic cladding to keep the body cool all the time to protect your fingers against burns. It features additional controls to reheat and defrost as per your needs. It is a very solid and settled brand which is well regarded to offer one of the best services. It consumes less energy and available at very affordable range.


The bread toasters from Prestige are well regarded for top quality and durability. It is designed with different levels of browning, wide spaces, cool touch handle, neon light pointer, non-slip base, etc. It comes with 800W of power usage. It comes with 1 year warranty and at affordable price ranges. It is one of the leading kitchen appliances and cookware brands in India. It offers different designs of bread toasters.

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